The history of the house


House of Old-Latin school was founded in the middle 14th century and is the oldest building in the city of Melnik. Its basic material was added to the castle wall, which faces south toward the river. The right part of the building (west) is older than the eastern part of the left. The left part was probably only around 16 to 17 century, when a stone wall on the ground floor was built a log structure, which is now enclosed with another marl walls up to the full house.

The building served the very beginning as a workshop for copying books from the 15th century until the reforms of Maria Theresa in the 18th century as a particular school, a school that was directly linked to Prague's Charles University. In the following centuries served as a dwelling house. In the last 20 years, the building underwent extensive renovations.

The house is kept in a national list as a cultural monument.